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Staying safe online is a high priority to all of us. The world is evolving with new technologies and applications (apps), transforming the way in which we communicate around the world, play games, shop, pay bills, manage our household appliances and much more. However at the same time, it is important that as parents, we can stay in touch with the latest trends and know where we can go to seek advice on what our children are doing online.

At Burnt Oak we have identified below a number of useful links to websites which offer advice and guidance to parents.


Guide for parents on how to report incidents and how to keep children safe online.

Safer Internet Centre

This site has a wide range of activities to promote the safe and responsible use of technology.


Advice for parents on making the most of the digital age.

Digital Living- EE

A range of resources and films to help keep you safe online.


Provides parents with lots of useful information through their Digital Parenting magazine.


A range of guidance and tips for parents on keeping children safe online, including cyberbullying.

Net Aware

Find out the age restrictions and what each app is about.


Useful guidance on how to make the Internet a safer place for children.


Get Safe Online

Guidance on protecting your digital devices covering a wide range of topics.

Internet Matters

Get expert support and practical tips to help children benefit from connected technology and the internet safely and smartly.

Digital Parenting magazine

Click on the links below to view copies of Digital Parenting magazine:


CEOP is part of the National Crimes Agency and are responsible for policing the Internet. If you are concerned about something online, this is the place where you can report concerns and seek advice.

Safer search engines for children

Search engines are never a hundred per cent safe and sometimes children encounter sites they don’t want when doing their homework.  However, some search engines are better than others. Here are a few alternative search engines you could use with your children at home to minimise the risk.

DK Find Out


Kid Rex