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Burnt Oak Primary School

Admissions and Transfer

Admissions to Nursery

Parents are asked to inform the school of the need for a place for their child at any time after their second birthday.  

If the school is over subscribed places are allocated on the following basis:

  • Children in public care / looked after children and previously looked after children
  • Siblings are already attending the school
  • Medical, health and special access reasons (medical evidence will be required)
  • Children of crown servants
  • Children of teaching staff
  • Nearness to child's home 

Parents and children are invited to visit the school before they start.  The starting dates will be staggered with all children attending part time only for the first few weeks.

Admissions to Reception

To apply for a Primary school place for a Reception child, please go to

Casual admissions (in-year transfer)

To apply for place for Year 1 to Year 6, please complete an in-year admission form and return it to the school office.  Forms can be collected from the school office or downloaded here

Parents will be notified of the outcome of their application within 15 school days.

Parents have the right to appeal a decision made by the school.  The school will provide a copy of the Appeals form or this can be downloaded here.  

Secondary transfer

The Year 6 staff liaise closely with secondary colleagues to ensure a smooth transfer to Key Stage 3.  We pass on all school records to the secondary school your child will be attending.  Children in Year Six are assessed for placement at Grammar or High Schools under Medway's Selection Procedure.  Information explaining this procedure is sent to parents of all children in the Autumn Term of Year 6.