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Burnt Oak Primary School

Physical Education

At Burnt Oak we have come on leaps and bounds in our PE and we have entered every Mini Youth game event since September 2014. These events include swimming, rugby, athletics, netball and table tennis to name a few. The opportunities for out of school competition, we feel really develop our children into more rounded individuals.

Certain highlights include 5th Place Rugby Mini Youth and 7th in Netball. This have helped us secure the first ever “Night of Champions” experience and for Rugby being selected to compete in the Kent Finals where we finished 1st in the bowl competition.

We compete hard in competitions but most importantly we play fair. This attitude has helped us claim the overall Mini Youth Games Fair Play Trophy. Which we feel is an outstanding achievement.

In school we run weekly clubs for a range of different year groups from Foundation Stage with Multi-skills to KS2 with the Mini Youth Games. Also in lessons our children receive a wide breadth of study with opportunities for Cross Country, Ultimate Frisbee, Boxerise and American Football to name a few.

Sports day is something else we have developed with every children being involved. The parents and teachers also take part in a highly yet happily competitive running race. This is held annually at Medway Park.

Finally we will continue to strive to give our children the best coaching and sporting experiences as possible.